Cutest Baby Shark Happy Shark Funny Shark Toy Shark
“It got views cause people thought it was real”
“That is real shark 🦈”
“”OH MY SUPER CUTE OMG 🙊 🙊 🙊 IT SOOOOO CUTE AHHHH I want to hug it so much!!!!!! Ahhhhh wit is that real??? 😕😕😮😮 if its a toy we’re do you buy it,???? Case it solo cuteeeeee!!!!!! 😝😝😝”
“The shark is edited and is not real.look close up when he touches the shark”
“Is the shark real because I have never seen a shark survive without water”
“Its a fake shark -_- its out of water, if it was real it would be dead by now ._.”

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