Funny Baby Squirrel Monkeys – Relax moment Playing and do Exercise at home
Squirrel monkeys are the common name for some species of the New World monkey belonging to the genus Saimiri. They form the only genus in the subfamily Saimirinae, and are one of the two currently recognized genera of the Curved Monkey family.
Scientific name: Saimiri
Ministry: Primate Ministry
Higher class: Surname Monkey tail
Length: Monkey common squirrel: 60 cm, Chinese squirrel Monkey: 68 cm, Saimiri boliviensis: 64 cm, Saimiri ustus: 72 cm Encyclopedia of Life
Weight: Monkey common squirrel: 270 g, Monkey Squirrel Central America: 590 g, MORE Encyclopedia of Life
Pregnancy: Central American squirrel monkeys: 161 days, Saimiri boliviensis:
Funny Baby Squirrel Monkeys – Relax moment Playing at home
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